Sunday, August 21, 2011

I can’t be Anna Hazare…

It’s creepy being Anna Hazare. To even utter an utterance against Anna Hazare is corresponding uttering against divinity in current circumstances. But I am enforced to articulate and analyze being a media studies undergraduate. But before analyzing the awful features of this movement I should first let know the fine came out of this agitation. The best thing of the movement is after more than decade’s youths, students have come out in groups agitating with precise energy. These roads demonstration are not against or in favor of Aarakshan but against a malignant that is fine too. This time oomph can be sited, a reflection for our nation and with Tricolor in hands plus shouting slogan ‘Vande Matram’ is palpable.

Anna has lighted the lamp in youths for homeland at an epoch when no being thinks beyond itself. Agitators are juveniles who have not sited the real nation which was exclusive of mobile phones, internet. Credit goes to private news channels too, who helped Anna in this lightening by showing him on air 24/7. In Doordarshan era Anna wouldn’t got this much exposure.

Anna is a simple man who is giving off beam message to his followers that’s the major dilemma with this movement. On one hand articulating that whosoever becomes Member of Parliament becomes by Political larceny is bizarre statement in prime democratic nation. This proclamation is not only wrong but treacherous too, as the listeners are by and large from an era who doesn’t comprehend democracy and polity. Democracy is the charm of our nation and to question that is erroneous. Parliament is the rising star of this democracy. Whose chief aim is to build laws. If awful members becomes part of this Parliament you can certainly question that but to question wholly credibility of Parliament is wacky. So after coming to Ramlila from Tihar Anna announced that his fast would last till Parliament passes his Jan Lok Pal Bill is merely an act to downstream Parliament. The solution to India’s melanoma problems is not Anna. And this is where authentic assemble is building a pricey mistake.

All this followers of Anna have believed that JanLokPal is the magic band which would exterminate corruption. Anna Hazare himself knows that nothing would happen in a nation where corruption is there in the DNA’s. The magic band for the citizens of the country is ‘vote’ not ‘hazare’. Anna’s decision to start fast in Tihar was the smash which Television Channels didn’t highlight. The channels which were pronouncing supporters of Anna as masses and broadcasting the agitation as mass movement changed the language in less than two days.

Regrettably, Anna Hazare is surrounded by aides who believe that they are the only honest creatures on this planet. All aides of Hazare run non-governmental organizations. What is the source of their income should also be barbed. In our nation most of the beings knows to point fingers on others not on ourselves. Country is clamouring for change. I would end by stating Anna Hazare has alienated rather than amalgamated. Anna Hazare is no JaiPrakashNarayan. He is not Gandhi of 21st Century. But those people who didn’t surge over Anna were dubbed unpatriotic.

Prateek Pathak


B.A in Media Studies

University of Allahabad