Wednesday, January 20, 2010

JYOTI BASU :Last diamond of communist

Communist Jyoti basu is no more there with us.In his last days of his life he suprised all of us.How?The answer is in the age of 95,he fighted with his life for fifteen days long.This was the type of personality of BASU that he showed whole of his life.He was nodoubt a fighter.When all of us realizes that there is nothing new left,then suddenly this brilliant fighter for whole of his life comes with that new.

In 1996 Central elections when we defeated parties which were in favour of Babari Mosque demolition like Bhartiya Janata Party.And parties like Indian National Congress which oppenly supported open objectives for our country.Then this fighter that is JYOTI BASU was the king maker who joined all the parties to form a coalition to keep Bhartiya Janata Party out.Even Indian National Congress also supported to keep Bhartiya Janata Party out of power.And this fighter even on all parties suggestion to think that he should be the King of this government or not.It was normal that a man who has rules West Bengal as a Chief Minister for almost twenty years at that point of time agreed to think that he can be the Prime Minister since he was a great administrator.But the irony is he rejected the Prime Minister post because his party's parliamentary board rejected it and agreed to support the coalition from outside.So JYOTI BASU without any problem accepted the party's parliamentary board decision.This was the historic example of type of personality that JYOTI BASU had trough out his life.Later on after some years he defines this decision as 'HISTORIC MISTAKE'.

To define this decision as 'HISTORIC MISTAKE' was a great example that a man who was wholly communist in public defined this decision strongly i.e to reject prime minster post as 'HISTORIC MISTAKE' .Basu undoubtedly knows that history will decide that this decision was 'HISTORIC MISTAKE' or not.Now after so many years i can say that he was completly right that was 'HISTORIC MISTAKE' .After some four - five years from that decision he once again showed a historic example that he was not hungry of power.He showed this by giving his chief minster of West Bengal post to Budddev Bhattacharya who is currently chief minster of West Bengal .From this he once again showed that he was not power hungry.And he therefore retired from active politics.The time when he left chief minster of West Bengal post he was completely fit and fine.This was the type of personality that JYOTI BASU had.He showed that a country like India where people are hungry for power and anybody whosoever never retires when he / she is fit and fine.He completely showed that he is a communist who is not hungry for any type of power.He was some what different from the from the trend of personality that all people had.If would have been of his place i would never have rejected any post.On November 2000 when he retired he has already ruled for almost 24 years.Which was a record till date.Later on when he given his tribute after death of Communist Harkisan Singh Surjeet who was his college he said in a press conference that to retire from Chief Minister post , he has thought to take this decision some two-three years back but he mainly made it a point and made the decision after two-three years after consulting it from his college Surjeet and other senior communist leaders.He also told that to execute this thought into a decision was very tough since he has to make sure to the people of West Bengal that there new leader is capable to do justice that he has done till twenty four years long.To make Budddev Bhattacharya Vice Chief Minster was one of the point of his plan to execute decison to retire from active politics.

After his decision to retire from active politics when in a press conference media asked him that he looks completely fine then why has he left chief minster of West Bengal post?But he did not liked this question and in a angry manner he answered completly opposite to his personality that he has some problem in his stomach.This reply was opposite to his personality since trough out his life he was a great fighter.Just before going to the hospital he was mentally fit and fine.And till his death he was member of parliamentary board of his party.In 2006 west Bengal state elections he campaigned for his party and from his magic again made sure that his party retains in power.

He was a politician whom we can define as a leader who understand people's heart.He was not like today's leader whom we can say as air conditioned politicians.He was undoubtedly undefeated through out his life.He was the best communist leader of not only in India but whole world.He was chief minister of bengal for twenty four years which is an unbreakable record.The was among the leaders who showed that we have more options other than congress and also was leading leader to start coalition politics in our country.These are some of the political qualities of JYOTI BASU that showed a perfect example that he was a great administrator and politician.

After independence of our country JYOTI BASU was one of the Communist leader of our country who fought to develop communist thinking in our country.He fought with the Indian national congress which was the only national party at that point of time.He made sure that the voters of our country has more options to choose to govern our country other than Indian national congress.He also made sure till date that congress would not able to rule west Bengal again.Till date due to his hard work and efforts his party is still ruling in West Bengal.He was undoubtedly a great leader that our country has produced till now.

Dealth of Jyoti Basu has end one era of our Indian politics.This was an era for our country when we have political leaders who have fought for our country's independence.The leaders from this era always thought for the good of the common people of our country.However Jyoti Basu was 95 years of age when he died he was in last phase of his life.But now when we see our country's politics and so called air conditioned leaders we will definitely miss leaders like JYOTI BASU.Lastly i can say that Jyoti Basu was not only the LAST DIAMOND of communist in India but he was definitely LAST DIAMOND of communist around the world.

Prateek Pathak
b.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad