Friday, December 31, 2010

2010-A Shady Year !


he year 2010 is ending with the hearsay, in spite of two years long investigation now eminent Arushi Murder Case would be shut. This news is not only shock for the friends and family of Arushi Talwar but also for the populace of the nation who anticipate some stroke

against transgression.

The shut down has put in a big question mark on the competence of the C.B.I. When this case came in lime light every co

mmoner covet to witness who has perform this type of misdemeanor. This case because of labors of Indian Media was in lime illumination for many days. This case was not only investigated by state police, Central agency and the Central Bureau of Investigation but the upshot is thumbs down.

This case can be compared to a movie where first police suspected the person who was himself dead in the sam

e case. Yes I am talking about Talwar’s Servant Hemraj who was the first person who was supposed in the case but his own dead body was recovered from the Terrace. Then after that investigating agencies alleged scores of people inclu

ding Arushi’s father Dr. Talwar but the conclusion is zilch. Media Trial in this case was also not cherished.

Now when C.B.I has also capitulated from the examination of this case this can be avowed that till now the so called mistakes were pre-planned. On first day of the instance when

dead body of Hemraj was on patio police not even thought of stopover the place. Allegation put on him; police not only tried to shut down the case but also lend a hand in annihilate the evidence. Then when body was recovered the assertion was shifted to the Talwar duo then the second servant, driver, comp ponder they were not only examined but

also detained and alleged. This simply shows the competence of the Investigating Agencies of our nation.

Not merely Arushi Case but we can also observe Ruchika Gehrotra Case where also investigating agency was mislaid. Whether it’s the Nithari Case where whole accusation were put on the servant Surendra Kohli and the Pandher at this instant is unsoiled. These are some of the paradigm which has ruined the competence of the Investigating Agencies of our country.

This year was the Corruption Year where we can see several protagonists who can assert the Most Corrupt Consign.

I would like to memorize the year for personage like Sachin Tendulkar, Saina Nehwal, Sushil Kumar, Nitish Kumar, Vinayak Sen. Populace got U.I.D and our currency Rupees got its sign are also bonus of the year. And undoubtedly I don’t want to have down pat fraudulent like A.Raja, Suresh Kalmadi and Meera Radia.

Prateek Pathak


B.A in Media Studies

University of Allahabad

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Congress Book – the partly truth


n the occasion of 125th Establishment Day of Indian National Congress a book has been published. This book can simply be stated as a medium which is detriment ling the history. The most

fallacious part of the book named “Congress and the making of the nation” is all the vindictiveness shown by the party at the time of

Emergency months had been curbed to Sanjay Gandhi and

not the party.

I undoubtedly agree that some of the decisions of Sanjay Gandhi made the situation most awful not only for the populace

but also for the party. But Congress has overlook that Sanjay Gandhi is fraction of the party. And till now party was silent on his role.

It is straight that now his family is away from th

e party so now all blameworthiness has been given to him because at time of Emergency Indira Gandhi was the proprietor and Sanjay Gandhi was under her shadow.

The Editor of Chief of this book is finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee. This book has analyzed fittingly role of Ra

jiv Gandhi and p.v narasimha rao one one hand this is achievement of this book. But on the other hand has eulogize role of Jaiprakash Narayan at the time of Emergency and J.P agitation but termed it as un-target agitation. In fact this book has also alleged that every agitator at that point of time was erroneous.

Book has assumed that Rajiv Gandhi was abortive in making the party further potent. And first time has praised the r

ole of P.V narasimha rao. Nehru-Gandhi family has been praised for being booming for running government for five years being from outside and also would be remembered for financ

ial regulation shaped.

And as expected the blame for the Babri Demolition has been set to BJP state government and leaders of BJP. Role of Central Congress government has not been specified. Like this illustration only Rahul Gandhi has been eulogize for bringing back congress in Uttar Pradesh, National Election 2010 but no information

has been precise for ghastly performance of the party

in Bihar State Elections. This book would be go into raptures over for number of right scrutinizing.

Prateek Pathak


B.A in Media Studies

University of Allahabad