Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Will you eat your Physics, Chemistry or Engineering Degree?

‘My interpretation on sustainable development is that the development which result in social harmony not social unrest. Handful are richer more are poor what type of technology is it. 75% commoners are only earning 20 rupees per day. Eating ratio in a day has decreased in this last decade. Problem is unemployment. You will eat your physics, chemistry or engineering degree? When jobs are not there what is it to pass out from famous institutes. You should have knowledge of economy to solve these problems, technology would not solve. We have to introduce technology in agriculture. Government policies in the urban centers should be reversed. Problem is how to raise purchasing power. We can increase the production of say steal or chemicals, but the major problem is how will we sold. You should increasing purchasing power in urban areas. Farmers should become more prosperous. Unless farmers will not make profit how will they buy industrial good? Because of low purchasing power manufacturing jobs are also declining. At present prices are skies rocketing. Every parent wants to see their kids in IIT, but it cannot be true. ’- these lines were delivered by Justice Markandey Katju, Chairman, Press Council of India, who was the Chief Guest in inaugural function of Golden Jubilee Conclave on Technology For Sustainable Development.

At the M.P hole of Moti Lal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad the function started by the lecture of Guest of Honour, Dr. Santosh Mehrotra, Director General, institute of Applied Manpower Research, Government of India. He started by saying number of poor have not decline Young people should be used for the development of the nation. We should use technology for sustainable development. Water table is declining. Only 40% land is irrigated 60% depends on rain. Why manrega in the country is so important because it is creating asset which will save rain water. As we grow we would industrialize, we need land for that. Mining in unplanned manner is there both in legal and in-legal manner. You can’t go on displacing Adivasi. We have no action plan for climate change. China is 20 years ahead of us because it relied on solar, pekoe micro hydra. We can take the example of Allahabad where there is electricity in most of the houses but there is a 6-8 hours power cut. I would like to challenge the youth how solar can be used. He concluded by words of Mahatma Gandhi- ‘If you want to see change be that change.’

The conclave had the invited lectures by some of the prominent experts. This includes personalities like Prof G.K Rai, Director, Institute of Professional Studies, University of Allahabad who delivered his lecture on Technology and Sustainable Development-finding our way out. He started by saying there is no harm if we are adopting western model. We cannot desire that a small kid will have the deep knowledge of culture. One and all cannot be a scholar. He also compared America and Africa and showed some analytical statistics. He concluded by saying ‘Poor man can be rich in terms of happiness’.

Other speakers were Prof K.S Rao, IIT, Delhi who spoke on Sustainable Infrastructure Development, Prof D.K Srivastava, Director, Madras School of Economics, Chennai, who spoke on Sustaining India’, Prof Kiran Seth, IIT, Delhi, who spoke on India’s Core Competence, Dr. G.N Pandey, who spoke on Nuclear Energy for national development, Prof Chandan Ghosh, NIDM, Delhi who spoke on Sikkim Earthquake 2011, Prof. S.K Joshi, NPL, Delhi who spoke on Sustainable Development-Needs a realignment of engineering education, Prof D. Bandopadhay, Vice Chancellor, GGIP University, New Delhi who spoke on Sustainability in the paradigm of Management & Policy, and Prof M.M Pant, who spoke on Education and Sustainable development.

The conclave had many students and faculty members of different colleges of Allahabad. The conclave’s inaugural function was preside by Prof. P Chakrabarti, Director, Moti Lal Nehru National Institute of Technolgy, Allahabad.

Prateek Pathak


B.A in Media Studies

University of Allahabad

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mr. Gandhi’s Allahabad Rally- ‘thumps down’!

As an Allahabadi from last few days I was seeing oodles of enthusiasm in the leaders and workers of Congress. The raison d'ĂȘtre was fitting too the Yuvraj of Congress choose his ancestral terra firma to instigate the election campaign of the state, popularly known as Mission 2012 by Political Pundits.

From preceding month the citizens of the sangam city saw countless hoardings, banners presenting Mr. Gandhi’s rally on the occasion of birth anniversary of Pandit Nehru. One hoarding put in by Congress leader Baba Awasthi and Arun Pathak catch the lime light through out the nation. The message was- “Mother is ill, Cabinet is helpless, Rahul Ji lead the Government”. After the grand controversy it was removed.

Report Card of Rahul Gandhi’s Rally in Phulpur near Allahabad on 14th November 2011

When I personally heard that Rahul Gandhi would be addressing a big rally in Phulpur near Allahabad two pictures came into my eyes. First was Congress loosing in Bihar when Mr. Gandhi was leading from the frontage. And the second results of Uttar Pradesh in last central elections. So I was ardent to glimpse which way Mr. Gandhi might move. As always Media with chock-a-block covered the occasion much before Mr. Gandhi reached Phulpur.

Some minutes before Mr. Gandhi landed Bamruli Airport there were demonstration from the S. P, B.J.P, and even Supporters of Hazare which was according to the leaning. But when the helicopter landed at the rally centre in Phulpur some student leaders of S.P in mentorship of Abhishek Yadav come very close to the helicopter. They showed black flags, agitating against Mr. Gandhi regarding democracy in University of Allahabad. The popular picture at that point was Congress Minister Jitin Prasad and Congress leader Pramod Tiwari kicking them. The later explained that when police is useless thay have intervene. I was wondering where was Digvijay Singh at that movement. Mr. Singh today was clicking pictures of the rally from one photojournalist camera.

My Rating- 2/10

So after that entire huff finally Mr. Gandhi was on plinth to address. He knew that not only Uttar.Pradesh but all of the country was eavesdropping to him. In his address it was evident that he would attack Mayawati and Mayaraj. The dialogue which he spoke in each non-congress state, that we are sending money from the centre but it is being use by only BSP workers was at this point too. And attacking Mayawati and Mulayam was obvious too.

Out of the blue he acknowledged a dialogue which was bizarre. He spoke that due to ill governance the citizens of Uttar Pradesh have to beg in Maharastra and labor in Punjab. After this avowal the two pictures which was in my eye the foremost seems true.

Mr. Gandhi how can you utter something like that. Mayaraj is not the best that is accepted but Central government is in your hands what are you performing there? Corruption, Price-rise, unemployment etc is due to your government not maya. I personally believe this statement is equivalent to his cousin Varun Gandhi’s statement few years ago. If that was against one religion this is against one state. This is purely insult of the state. If Yuvraj of Congress suppose that populace of Uttar Pradesh are begging and laboring due to Mayaraj he is fairy land. His party has ruled the most in our nation.

Many news channels were reporting that this rally had portrayed that Mr. Gandhi is ready to lead the party from her mother. But from my view he has gone back from where he started. If Yuvraj has to lead he has to introspect. Many times I use to think that might be Mr. Gandhi is ready not only to lead Congress bur Country too. But now I am seeing my articulation was inaccurate. I would end by uttering that the initial gunshot for the state election by Mr. Gandhi was un-shot, he should do much of homework before coming to the rally next time.

Prateek Pathak


B.A in Media Studies

University of Allahabad