Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Cricket World Cup 2011"- we are triumphant!

hen Mahendra Singh Dhoni chucked the ball to the boundary, India not only recouped Cricket World Cup after 28 years but it was also the highest run chaise by any team in finals. If Cricket is a religion inIndia, then win of our team in finals after so many years were equivalent to the second coming. In entire nation after this historic win Holi & Diwali simultaneously instigated. I was flabbergasted to observe UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi dancing on Capital’s roads. If June 25, 1983 changed the course of Indian and indeed world cricket, April 2, 2011 will linger emblazoned in remembrance of new generation of cricket fans. Now the image of Dhoni and his triumphant at Wankhade Stadium will sit in conjunction with faded images of Kapil Dev holding World Cup at Lord’s balcony. And for a generation who have grown up watching illustration and interviews after interviews before each world cup of heroic exploits of Kapil’s Devils, this was the movement to announce the arrival of a young India that isn’t afraid to rise to the juncture and exceeded outlook.

For 28 years the country had anticipated for this movement. Now that it has finally inwards, it is only natural that its legacy would be elongated enduring. If Anna episode has not arrived in its itinerary we have seen news channels presenting only triumph shows. Now cricketers have turn deities and corporate India would only help in expanding the periphery of cricket industry. And though team India rightly dedicated it to the immortal Sachin Tendulkar, playing the sixth World Cup, the win in the finals was brought a new illumination in the youngsters of our nation. The infectious exuberance of the youth was visible in the performance of the men in blue at the Wankhade Stadium in Mumbai along with Mohali alongside favorite rivals Pakistanis in Semis.

Furthermore it was apposite that the final was an all-Asian one, the subcontinent having befall the de facto headquarters of cricket since last four decades. Cricket legend and the local boy Master Blaster missed out a big score in front of home-crowd but his performance in whole series was commendable and unforgettable. One raison d'ĂȘtre natives were writing off this World Cup was the reminiscence of the last Cup in the Caribbeanwhich was such a monotonous affair. Excessively little viable games, meager association, ticket priced out of reach of commonplace fans, the mystifying death of Pakistani coach and India’s exit in the foremost stage all pooled to put off fans but also sponsors.

The arrangement more or less abolishes the leeway of the top team being knocked out at the preliminary stage, as had happened in 2007. But the manner the whole lot played according to the libretto including the magnificent India-Pakistan Semi final, a match up each one had been frantically eager for, was miraculous. That game was not only played in precise spirit, its effect was experienced away from the pitch and in the hallway of the clout. The celebratory ambiance was colossal spectatorship- not to mention that the three subcontinents teams were in four semifinalists- confirmed that the power centre of the cricketing world is now undeniably the subcontinent. Post 2011, cricket, it can be speculated, will no longer be constrained to urban middle-class India. With Dhoni and Raina already back grounding the stage, it will scarcely be a revelation if small towns rule the Indian cricket landscape over the next decade altering the panorama as it was Mumbai-Delhi monopoly till now.

I am basically a tennis player and Decision Review System is present in nearly all tournaments, to picture the same system i.e. the Decision Review System has won fans and perhaps paved the way for more technology-based invention is enormous. The new innovation worked well, despite of its flaws, facilitated minimizing the errors. The batting power play was a double fault with most team struggling mastering it. The ODI format, predicted to be loosing out of T20, is resurgent. But this World Cup would be memorized most for showcasing the preeminent of South Asia.

Not that there weren't any blemish. The ticketing system and the seats available for commoners was a flaw. Whereas nearly all of the tickets in the stadium sprayed in the tenuous ‘complimentary’ grouping, too little tickets were obtainable for the paying municipal. If truth be told I felt really appalling for Sri Lankan skipper Kumar Sangakkara, he lost the World Cup finals second time in a row. I memorize how media criticized Saurav Ganguly when India lost the finals in 2003 it is horrific for kumar he lost it second time.

2011 has accessed, the media the incident they looked-for to fabricate propaganda around constructing cricket as the ointment for the troubled nation. Before I finish I anticipate, men in blue will yet again bestow me opportunity to write my outlook of their monopoly in the subsequent World Cup too. The World Cup is history now.

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad


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