Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Precise verdict !

Last year subsequent to the verdict in the subordinate court i articulated that our legal system is such that it will seize years for a ghastly terrorist akin to Kasab to chastise. And we should have a diverse fast track courts for terrorists like American Law had. Nevertheless i am contented that the matching judgment is uphold by the High Court in sort span of time.

Mumbai High Court did precise upholding the decision of the lower court to hang Laskar-e-taiban terrorist Kasab and leaving Fayem Arsad Ansari and Sahbuddin Ahmad. Kasab verdict stirs up memories of Mumbai revulsion. Thoughts go to those who lost family and friends. Punishment is a punishment in whatever form it is, may be in the form of Mother Nature or in the form of law or law breakers too. Sure an eye for eye would make the entire world blind but these are some checks and balance in society created for smooth passage. I guess death is an easy chastisement; his soul should have been subjected to self realization by making difficult to live.

As the intact humankind discern that in 26/11 assail 166 people died, 238 were injured and it also came damaging chattels of more than fifteen hundred million rupees. Moreover we had wedged merely one lively from the cluster of terrorist who did this transgression. Consequently less significant penalty than this is not agreeable.

At this instant also Pakistani terrorist Kasab have an option to plead in Supreme Court and latter Mercy Petition too. Furthermore i am certain that he will categorically appeal. There is no doubt that there is enough evidence against Kasab. In verity at the outset Pakistan shorn of that he is their citizen but lastly acknowledged after exposed by a Pakistani News Channel and attestation endow by Indian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Now after the ruling in High Court furthermore there are ample amount of questions which needs to be hoist. Kasab is not a straightforward scandalous so extraordinary security and amenities have been provided to him. But it is pertinent to spend so much money of the tax payers of the nation on a self who is alleged of destroying lives of innocent populace. Whole humanity has seen him in CCTV footage shooting naive common herd.

Last year when the verdict was announced whole country celebrated be acquainted with the veracity that there are numerous years left for him to hang up. Recently somebody pointed out that there are many more Kasabs outside in the garbs of politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, police officials, military men as well as Judges doing disservice to this country. To finish i can merely anticipate that as soon as feasible punishment to the horrific terrorist like Kasab ought to be put into practice so that subsequently instance nonentity can even imagine of doing whatever thing like this.

Prateek Pathak


B.A in Media Studies

University of Allahabad

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Farewell!


housands of Egyptian protestors are celebrating at the Al-Tahrir square in Cairo as the revolution has worked again. As a final point Hosni Mubarak got Friday farewell. But now the big issue which has occurred, Egypt will turn out to be a democratic state or not. It seems protestors will not get their privileges so easily.

This declaration from the Vice President Omar Suleiman that Hosni Mubarak has resigned has come as army requirements to end the more than week’s agitation. Now the power has been given to the army and some responsibilities to the vice president Omar Suleiman. But this has angered the protesters even more.

The secretary general of the national democratic party Hossam Badrawy indicated the president had been advised to step down. Even reports assumed that Mubarak has left the place and has moved to some unknown place. Army prop up Mubarak’s inspiration to walking out drop by drop.

Now when a dictator has fallen in Cairo the other tyrants around the world are panicky. Now the trends show that loyalty has changed from dictators to democrats.And neighboring states of Egypt where totalitarian are ruling seems to be in jeopardy. Tunisia was the spark, Egypt is the smoke...who will be the fire? Possibly will be Algeria? If Egypt develops more on the lines of Turkey then it can prove a better role model.

Egypt 'liberated'. In some ways ironical as Egypt wasn't under foreign control. Major movement in world politics. May be bigger than 9/11. Two things stand out. Firstly, this entire protest was organized through social media. Second non-violence still remains the actual weapon of mass destruction. And we in India make fun of it..Look at its power! For today let's celebrate the power of people.

We all Indians from last eighteen days sitting here and watching live visuals on our television sets felt awsum as it has proved that revolution works if it is done on correct issue. Thanks to journalists like Gaurav Sawant who without thinking about their lives reported from the protesting point in Cairo.

When I discussed the protesting issue with my best pal Shaljm she said that not only Hosni Mubarak but utmost totalitarian of the world are not only making torment for the populace but also are puppets of America. Hosni Mubarak must have desired that his power of thirty years would be transferred to his son. That is why in spite of so much remonstration he was not geared up to quit.

Visuals showed that protestors are blissful in view of the fact that they were fighting against Hosni Mubarak but not army even though they are turfs of same court from many years. The revolution is successful. Egypt has arisen and the world is watching. The difference between a dictatorship and a democracy is not very complicated. Governments are vulnerable in the former, but the country is free and stable. Despots seem permanent but under them the nation seethes in below-the-surface turmoil. How long can you keep the lava boiling inside the volcano?

Egypt has found its destiny and its destiny will change the world around it. Indeed Ouster of Mubarak is the victory of the people of Egypt. Voice of the people has won. Victory for the people of tahrir and hopey democracy! C'mon Egypt, do us proud.. prove all the doubters wrong!

Prateek Pathak


B.A in Media Studies

University of Allahabad

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Political Drama or Realism!

I am not an analyzer but the recent statement given by telecom minister Kapil Sibal in favour of Ex-Telecom Minister A Raja after he was arrested with his two aids -S Behuria and RK Chandolia is dim-witted. Whether this detention is done to castigate the masterminds of the spectrum scam or to lower the pressure of the opposition in the coming Budget session it is tuff to comprehend.

After the arrest yesterday all the senior political forecaster of south said that DMK will sideline Raja. But I am unable to understand why in spite of coming state election DMK is favouring Raja.

Now it is assumed to extent the pressure and breaking the unity of the opposition government will be ready for JPC also. If Government ofIndia is really 'serious' about corruption they should agree to a JPC. Democracy has been degenerated into this perpetual war between political groups its true ends are no where in the picture and no one to care for. Media act like bout managers for the game, romanticizing and increasing its thrill value!

The most attention-grabbing thing I discovered on most of the news channels is enlightening the minute to minute facet of Raja in CBI office. In fact the food he eat was also put in the picture.

President of BJP Gadkari said in the press conference that Raja or Kalmadi are only the small fish in the scam of big sea. He was in a roundabout way targeting the Prime Minister. DMK is divided in two parts where Union Minister Alagiri is against Raja others are firm on supporting him.

Discussing the same issue with my close pal Shaljm she said corrupt politicians are more treacherous than even the terrorists. In fact this point is very apt. On one hand terrorists attack our country unswervingly but corrupts do it circuitously. After the Radia tapes came into public domain it seems Raja will had to run on a rocky terrain now.

Kalmadi can be next to lesser the pressure of the opposition. The big thing which CBI is investigating is where the black money is. Let witness what happens in the approaching days I anticipate that this time authoritarian action must be taken so that corrupts should not next instant even imagine of doing such big scams. If this case also goes like other cases in which no gigantic action has been taken not in favour of the politicians then what is the need of a democratic nation.

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad