Thursday, January 20, 2011

Prime Minister’s Musical Chairs

rom the shuffle prepared by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh the only thing which has come out is that he has put new wine in old bottles. From couple of months Prime Minister was saying that he will reshuffle the cabinet and wants some new-fangled and youthful blood to drive the country. But now it seems that he forgotten all his desires for enhancing the position of Congress party in states where elections are on the course.

The only thing we can do from this reshuffle is bang our heads. After day by day reports of corruption in in-effect ness of numerous ministers it was believed by not only political-pandits but also populaces that Prime Minister will do rectification not only to run his government for full tenure but also to lower the burden of the opposition.

Not only issues like Commonwealth Games and 3G spectrums Government is giving the inkling of being in peril because of current big trouble price rise. Not only commoners of rural area but price rise have affected the populace of urban areas to. And these problems have emerged because of awful ministers so all of us have assumed that Prime Minister will not only clean the cabinet from corrupt and terrible ministers but also bring faces which can help the Prime Minister managing the government circumspectly.

No minister has been dropped from the last dispensation. Only three new faces have been brought in others have been mingled. Most of them have been questioned on corruption and in-effectness for administrating the branch have been rewarded and given promotion or their ministry has been changed so that they can make the outcome of other section also 0.

In the press conference it was said that it is a minor shuffle and the big one will take place after the budget session of the parliament. From this shuffle one thing which can happen in that rearranging is bringing back A Raja.

This reshuffle shows that Congress has only thought of state elections not at all about the country. Since in Uttar Pradesh elections are on head so two ministers were given promotion and one new was brought in.Same is with Kerala. The only thing I liked in this reshuffle is giving Sports Portfolio to Ajay Maken who is young face of this cabinet and looks very confident to make our country a sporting power.

After his promotion Praful Patel commented that he is happy since he can see many of his juniors going up in the cabinet. His performance was also not gratifying since in his term as a Civil-Aviation Minister Air Indiacondition has became worst. Deshmukh was also not removed in spite of so many allegations nor did Kamalnath who was articulate as unsuccessful minister.

The game of Musical Chair which Prime Minister has played will not only give opposition more strength but I am afraid that UPA-2 will complete its term or not. If anyone can understand the full logic of this reshuffle, please do explain it to me.

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad

Friday, January 14, 2011

Indian Paisa League!!!

Through his statement that without Dada KKR is
not possible Shahrukh Khan watered the burning issue. Kolkata Knight Riders will have an all new team. No Dada and perhaps no Brendon McCullum or Chris Gayle. The only common link would be Shah Rukh Khan dancing in the stands and Juhi Chawla making a rare appearance. I can undoubtedly state that will the three seasons of the IPL till now it has not only mixed entertainment and game but also gave an origin to exceptional players like Saurabh Tiwari.

Some days ago I was cynical for the reason that of Lalit Modi, clash between the two team owners and exorcise of two teams that because of so called corruption the IPL would continue or not. But seeing the progress it looks bigger and better. There is no doubt about that with the involvement of Sahara Group who is now owner of an I.P.L team, this contest would be preeminent.

These days every news channel is debating on the subject is it right to bid a player. Discussing the same issue with my friend she said that this so called bidding is not right as it demoralize the moral of the players who doesn’t got big cash like gambhir. This reason seems to be right when R.C.B bid for Md.Kaif who has been a excellent fielder and performer each and every team owner was laughing which was insult to a player.Undoubdatly this bid is not bad for players like Gambhir and Yusuf Pathan who got very even 15-16 times more sum from their base price.

If professionalism is key to IPL's success, it is very important that professional morals are conserved. It is therefore a matter of grave apprehension that franchisee owners have raised the issue of inconsistency of interest vis-a-vis BCCI secretary and president-elect N Srinivasan. The latter's position as an owner of the Chennai Super Kings franchisee and a member of the IPL governing council is unfair.

Conflict of interest was the reason Lalit Modi was removed from the board of IPL, but the matter doesn't seem to have ended there. Concerns about conflict of interest need to be immediately addressed to build a sound foundation for the future of T20 cricket. A transparent and fair system will reduce the scope for manipulations and secure IPL's future. After the bid when this question was asked to the new Chairperson of the league he civilly answered this accusation is unsubstantiated and every owner is known with full information and dispensation of the league. As one and all know that is is not justified that an official of the board be in ownership of a team.

Lastly I hope this season is as its best. And produce players which can not only replace players like Sachin when he retires but also gives an astounding platform to the new talents. Till now the three seasons have been very flourishing and has got high-quality annotations apart from some distortion.

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad