Thursday, May 19, 2011

युवराज के एजेंडा का कैरक्टर ढीला हैं?

rom countless days contemplation was approaching in my brain that the advisors of Rahul Gandhi are endeavoring to smash up his illustration or they are dim-witted. This reflection came true when Yuvraj of Congress visited Bhaata Parsol village in greater-noida and subsequent to seeing the stipulation of the village he pronounce that ‘he is ashamed of being an Indian.’ Numerous politicians tried to use this opportunity to attack Maya Government but the concentration of the nation was stretched only when Rahul Gandhi landed there. The cause is quite palpable.

Good looks and Youth ness have analogous significance in polity like films. If you have to become lead in a movie you have to be striking, smart and juvenile. If you are not then you can become a villain not a hero. Identical is the stipulation in politics too. Who will see an elderly Rajnath Singh if a sparkling star like Rahul Gandhi is in frontage? Yuvraj of the Congress party is young, smart and is having a fair color which is widely cherished. And he is inheritor of Nehru-Gandhi family who ruled our nation for more than four decades. His advisors are only a setback he has if not he must have get to that pose that no cadaver can assume.

A person who is leading in the race to become next Prime Minister of our state cannot utter a bizarre statement like this. If he has articulated the same avowal after considering the condition of food grains in Punjab’s village fields then he definitely have got shore up from all fraction of the country. I was traumatized when I saw this report on TV. A country where more than 45 % of children are in torment order because of paucity of food this picture was bizarre. It is hard to manufacture proper storage areas? And to distribute this food grains in poor is also hard? If Rahul Gandhi has inquired questions like this he would certainly have been accepted as the next being to lead our country.

There are ample amount of issues like electricity, education, water, hospital etc which necessitate to be solved. Daily numerous commoners are going below the poverty line. But Rahul Gandhi pulled out a political issue for his party not for the nation. ‘’Rahul Gandhi 2012 Agenda Uttar Pradesh” as portrayed by the media. After Bihar StateElection results against congress I deliberate that Rahul must have learned from it but I was erroneous.

The obligation to bring the new accurate bill for the land acquisition is with Central government not the Maya Government. If Yuvraj of the Congress was very solemn to wrestle for the right of the farmers and that the farmers should get accurate price for their land he should have agitated against his mother who holds the key of the UPA government not the Maya Government. One mantra from me to the yuvraj :- If you have to win Uttar Pradesh elections then change your strategies and advisors or else the outcome would be identical as the bihar.

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

End Of The Boulevard

he decade protracted operation ensuing to the 9/11 attack in the USwould at this moment had a smash with the death of Osama bin Laden- the mastermind behind assail. There is no ground to rebuff this pronouncement since devoid of full verification American President Obama would not have marked. The palpable issue which must be elevated is what will happen now? Sooner than evaluating this issue we must know wholly about Osama.

Son of a prosperous personality of Saudi ArabiaOsama visited America and Europe numerous times. Laden was comprehended to have good relations with the American Politicians till the moment during 1980s he set up reflecting a propos to his yield in Soviet Union’s colony Afghanistan- battle ground.

It is supposed that the house which Osama build is associated with the letters of Sayyad Kutumb’s-Egypt connoisseur. It is held that Kutumb detested west and afterward he was electrified by Muslim Brotherhood and started leading it. In the outcome he has to walk off to confinement afterwards he was hanged on the pronouncement of President Nasser.

Nevertheless at the present this has been bear out that Osama was the icon of Al-Quida and would prolong too, since he portrayed to the world the America’s agenda to establish as a global super power. There is no hesitation that 9/11 attack not only twisted a dilemma for America but entire humankind. However, America countered equivalent as it executed during Second World War after attack on Pearl Harbor which is bizarre. America used its whole power against Al-Quida screening it ‘War against Terrorism’. Consequence of this American Army bombardedAfghanistan furthermore, propelled their army to finish that Taliban which was with the help ofPakistan. The cause behind this was to generate a monopoly on Asia (starting from Pakistan andAfghanistan) to craft a pipe line from this belt toArabian Sea.

Subsequent to 9/11 America collaborated withPakistan in leadership of General Parvez Musharraf. In these ten years America helpedPakistan economically with more than 20 Arab Dollar to secure from economic crises, but authoritatively it was articulated that this was to wrestle terrorism. America also attacked Iraq- Saddam Hussain lying that he was associated with Al-Quida which is bizarre too.

In spite of many epochs, details that Pakistani Army is associated with Al-Quida, America gained its collaboration upshot with Pakistan by killing Osama in Abbottabad. Bin Laden’s death could also impact the situation in Afghanistan.

It was fascinating to perceive Indian News Channels especially English coming out with their best presenters-editors-experts to illustrate the death of Bin Laden with best debates. Interestingly one hindi news channel demonstrated like America killed its number 1 wanted terrorist Osama entering Pakistan when would India enter Pakistan to kill its Osama i.e. Daud Ibrahim. It is note worthy that we have many of out Osamas inPakistan.

Bin Laden would be dead but terrorism continues to be global threat.

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad