Monday, November 23, 2009


Why i am talking about constitution and democracy?Then i thought if every one is discussing,why shouldn't i ?I am not doing any crime ?When there is no importance of any language then the words are also not important.Language doesn't creates Science & Technology but it definitely created literature,history and social science.Constitution is also there in a language.Constitution says all languages are equal.English & Hindi are official languages.So we can say that one language which is our own and the other which is a foreign language and we have inherit it from the Britishers are sailing in the same boat.English & Hindi are the languages through which we fought for our independence.

But through one political strategy Hindi was made as the only official language or 'THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE' of our country.So from this political step Hindi became enemy of the other languages of our country.This was the perfect Political strategy to divide other languages.So due to this step we saw a bad reaction on 9 November 2009 in Maharashtra State Assembly.This reaction was respect to our Constitution or to state assembly or to the common public that only politicians can explain.This cannot be explained by priests of different community or by the common people who have elected these so called politicians to the legislative assembly.

In Maharashtra Assembly we saw not only in three but oath was taken in four languages.In Marathi,Sanskrit,Hindi & English.Pledge was to be taken in Marathi language only not just because it is the state and working language of maharastra but also of the Order of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Chief Raj Thackeray.Raj Thackeray has ordered that if members will not take oath in marathi then they would be punished.My Question is who is Raj Thackeray,to give orders against the constitition to the members of the legislative assembly.If u have requested thn that is all right.It is against our law that the person who is not a mamber of the state assembly is giving orders to the members of the assembly.Our constitution give right to the members of the assembly to take oath in any of the different assembly mentioned in the constituttion of our assembly.THE NEW HITLER OF MAHARASHTRA was doing many activities in a week against our Constitution,but the government was helpless.The congress govenment of maharastra did not take any action against THE NEW HITLER OF MAHARASHTRA.
Why THACKERAY FAMILY is angry from hindi?Raj Thackeray has shown his angers not only to Hindi but also to the people who speaks Hindi.?He dont understand that Marathi language has adapted Devanagari Lippi.It was done just so that Hindi & Marathi speaking people can sail on same boat.In fact Hindi was supported by Gandhi,Tilak,Swami Dayanand & Parakar also.Then why his angers are that much that his party members can even beat Abu Azmi?

Our country respect Human Beings.Not only Maharashtians but North Indian also.From all over our country students come to north india for higher education.It implies to Medical higher education also.Infact non of them have ever raised any language issue and nor of any state or region wise issue.I think Thackeray Family dosent know it?But if in any case they know it they dont want to understand.They are directly or indirectly dividing our country.Politicians are spreading fire in our country.Just because trough that fire only they can cook thier food.Now i think that politcians are more selfish then also to the till date most selfish Indra.Please Pardon me but Mohammad Ali Jinnah also showed this type of angers against language.Infact ?Jinnah also asked the people of eastern pakistan to speak only urdu.He at that time 'Bangla-Vangla kuch nahi,Urdu sab kuch' which means that people you should speak only Urdu leave the Bangla.Raj Thackeray is also moving on the same desety road.We can say that MNS has indirectly thrown fire,whosoever will support him will injurd himself in the fire.

They have forgotten that when peshwa were thrown out from Pune by the East India Company,North Indians only helped to maintain there dignity.Peshwa were supported only by North Indians.Till now also we have the proof of that masical in the bethur.They have also forgotten that Tatya Tope,Nana Rao where more North indians then the Mrathi's.They speak Marathi & Hindi both.Now also Maharashtians who lives in north India speaks Hindi & Marathi both. Nobody orders them to speak only Hindi in north India states.

Infact Bal Thackeray in his daily newspaper 'Samna' wrote that Abu Azmi has done a crime.?Directly or indirectly he supported Raj Thackeray.This is really very very bad.This undoubtadly shows that Blood is more dark than water.Brother's -son and language is bigger than the constitution of our country.?It is really strange that such a senior politician dose not said anything against the people who taken the oath in English.Leave Bal Thackeray,where where BJP and RSS.What happened to them?Why where they silent.This can be termed as MURDER OF OUR NATIONAL LANGUAGE.When some Mulana of Muslim community passed the Fatwa against 'VANDE MATRAM' they all were responding against that,but when our language was murdered where were they.Why they did not react.

Language is not real or unreal.Nobody can ever stop any language.Thackeray Family languages react more than the human beings of any state.Once in the /British Parliament there was an order that whosoever will speak English instead of French will loose his/her life.But here the ?Big Question is that did they succeed in doing any harm to English?Languages make their way of its own and remove all the barriers in their way itself.Hindi our National Language is doing the same.It is Moving with the respect to the other sister Languages.


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