Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Baba Who Puffs It

Some weeks ago baba was a guru teaching yoga to populace through his paid sessions and television shows. He was undoubtedly a likeable being around the nation. I personally not his follower but I appreciate his hindi vocabulary, the way he teaches and promote yoga, he is funny too and is immensely entertaining. But at the instant I am astounded in view of the fact that the reality is he has puffs it. He started very well indeed in my preceding write up on commencement of the fast by baba I articulated that Baba will obtain more hold up than Anna and his movement would be a grand hit but the irony is he missed it. To understand this let me highlight Baba’s stokes.

Baba’s idea was clear-cut ever since corruption has surface copious, we ought to do a bit to wrestle from it. His empathy was at exact place. Corruption which masses have established as a way of life should be detached. His voyage is rousing as well. Mounting an empire of thousand of crores and touching millions through his magnetism and fascination is creditable. Now he is indisputably the biggest and eminent yoga teacher of the world.

Later than instant many experts uttered that he done all this for personal ambition, this isn’t a bad thing. After touching millions of heart Baba started political airing political views. He sought to witness India of his stance and desire an exact bludgeon for a corruption pro nation. Whether it was kind of medicines we would have or the MNCs he wanted out, to views on sexuality.

Some of the baba’s plans were fine but numerous were impractical. For example he wanted 500/1000 rupees notes banned to kill black money. But what if people start hoard black money in jewelry or far-off currencies. Baba also wants non-tech MNCs out, but what exactly that mean. He did not think that these MNCs which include foreign banks also provide great employment. Baba’s recommendations were unfeasible. Baba united his magnetism with saffron robes but still none of this mattered. Millions still go behind him. Baba’s climb bothered the Central government. As baba know how to blight the government and gather crowd at the same time.

Many political specialists judged that baba’s movement wouldn’t gather success but baba made it work. From the start he had the success. The PM himself demanded him not to fast. The most senior ministers of the central government rushed to the airport to greet him. More ministers meet him at the Claridges hotel. RSS and BJP backed him. Even Anna and company boosted him hoping that he can generate more weight and bill can also be passed.

The whole lot started fine and was going great even the sympathy that he got for the reason that police was hitting at the crowd sleeping in the tent who draw together to shore up baba and his movement. Baba hit the jackpot. The point necessary in Indian Polity i.e. sympathy he got that. Baba emerged as the new star of Indian Politics.

But that was a second when he puffs it. State was astonished and had great sympathy but Baba appeared on all prime time shows explaining erroneous done to him. The canon of Indian polity is sympathy is gained by those who keep silent and suffer it. But baba did all wrong coming out in media and explaining wrong done to him lost him. He ought to been out from the lime light and after various dot of time should have come out with novel agitation. His proclamation of raising an 11,000 strong personal army did the rest broke up.

In a previous write up I said that Rahul Gandhi hasn’t had good advisors but identically, baba also don’t have a team for politically correct conduct. He spends 18 crores on tents but no buck on advisors. His media handling is identically bizarre. Baba’s steps have cost all the anti corruption movement. Now the air is non corruption movement are for political gains. Gratitude to ramdev, you not only blew your illustration but all corruption agitation.My mentor Dhananjai Chopra texted me that Baba is a non serious man but I contradict he was serious but he puffed everything out.

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media studies
University of Allahabad

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Murray dubious to triumph : Wimbledon

A few days ago I wrote a tennis story and received grand feedback so my brain has again knock to write another one.
I speculate if Andy Murray continually perceives the verity that he’s playing in an era with two of the utmost tennis players of all time? I deduce he does.
The Scot has all the characteristics to be a foremost winner; he can play every shot in the book, is incredibly fit, loves a challenge and has great court-craft and intuition, but so far this total package hasn’t been quite good sufficient.
There is evolution era in tennis, identical to every sport, when the superior players go off, get injured or drop their edge and that’s when the lesser-lights have a chance of clinching one of the big ones.
And while it’s been like this for a while on the women’s tour, the men’s has been dominated by Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal for several years, and now Novak Djokovic has entered the tussle.
So even though Murray has become the king of Queen’s club for the second time in his career and is reasonably the fourth finest player in the world, the chances of him ending Britain’s 75-year wait for a men’s singles champion at Wimbledon really aren’t that great.
For the subsequent three weeks or so, he’ll be beneath a passionate microscope. The British media will follow him everywhere and report on everything he does, but he’ll have got used to that as we have been reading and viewing. It’s literally ‘Murray Mania.’
In actuality, I think he does enormously well under acute force and don’t deem his failure to win a major is because of a mental block.
It’s just that the players, who have beaten him in the three finals he has reached, have played at a different level. Take this year’s Australian Open for example. Djokovic took him out in straight sets during a splendid winning run in which he beat Nadal four straight times and Federer three.
Since Federer victor his first Wimbledon in 2003, the three players I just bring up have won 28 of the 32 major titles on offer. Isn’t that far-fetched?
The four they missed went to Andy Roddick (US Open 2003), Gaston Gaudio (French Open 2004), Marat Safin (Australian Open 2005) and Juan Martin del Potro (US Open 2009).
And accordingly given that the Wimbledon title has gone to either Federer or Nadal for the past seven years, it’s hard to see past the dynamic duo, although I do think Novak has a real shot if it stays dry!
Now I ought to put a rupture to my thought and give my mind moment to write down next tennis write up in the future. Seeing as tennis is my passion and game next one is in procession.

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Grand Final

s sooner as the final match of French Open Men’s started I was crammed with a mixed feeling. On one hand I sought that Federer wins grand slam No.17 and on the other side that Nadal equal Bjorn Borg's record of six Roland Garros titles.

And after a handsome clash it was Nadal who came finer equaling Bjorn Borg’s record of 6 French Open titles and steadfastly establishing himself as the preeminent ever clay court player in the history of tennis.

Moreover, it was an electrifying match interposed with some awe-inspiring stroke production and emphasized by the sport’s most legendary contention. I am poignant since Roger lost because this was his best endeavor at a Grand Slam title in a long, long time. Fedex hasn’t played such first-class tennis ever since the Australian Open a year and a half ago. And here, at Roland Garros he was lastly playing like classic Federer. The Swiss, who ended Djokovic’s invincibility this year in a four-set semifinal thriller, was completely written off heading into Paris and obviously enjoyed the lack of attention as he made it to the last four without losing a set.

It’s no secret that he is my preferred player. I basically love the way he plays the game and the way he conducts himself both on and off the court. He is a implausible ambassador for tennis and a vanguard because his younger rivals are just as sophisticated.Some experts have announced that Roger is a spent force at the age of 29 – a claim which I find thoughtless and discourteous. Certainly, he hasn’t been as dominant as he once was, but conceivably it’s because the others have upped their levels, rather than his has dropped.

Talking about Nadal, his straight-sets semifinal win over Andy Murray showed that the Spaniard is just as excellent as ever, although unquestionably being overshadowed this year by Novak Djokovic. Talking truly I hoped that Novak loose the match. He is also one of the best player of this era and his game is also astounding but I don’t know why I don’t admire him like I do Roger or Nadal. The majors are what matter to the top players, and winning all four is the Holy Grail. In this final clash Nadal played extraordinarily well. As a tennis player I was stunned to see great forehand and serves that I have only wonder in my dream that I would do identical some day.

At the French Open final Fedex uttered: “That’s obviously the huge priority right now, to winWimbledon in a few weeks time. That’s always, for me, the sort of No. 1 goal of the season.”
He begins his crusade against former World No. 1 Lleyton Hewitt. For the moment the conventional Wimbledon warm-up gets underway at Queens and features an excellent field, led by Rafael Nadal, home beloved Andy Murray and four-time winner Andy Roddick. Like me ill advice world to geared up to picture the best in the tennis calendar and I certainly hope that like Nadal equaled Bjorn Borg's record of six Roland Garros titles Roger also wins grand slam No.17.

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad

Friday, June 3, 2011


his look as if out of ordinary that four senior ministers of central government cabinet, which include one who has second spot in the government on Delhi Airport saluted Baba Ramdev who is sitting of fast to fight against corruption.

Ministers moved out there to manipulate Baba not to launch fast to transport the black money back to the country. But after 2:30 half hour of meet up Baba pronounced he is firm on commencing with the fast. A big shot, knowledgeable and intellectual minister like Pranab Mukherjee who has countenance plenty of involvedness, chipping in this rung shows party and government are staid. Baba received loads of attractiveness when sooner than the movement senior ministers meet him and that too instantly on airport. And it is palpable that countless populace will come for his support as India Media is showing it with full vigor. And Baba is popular too his yoga show in morning slot on television is viewed by crores of commoners.

There is no tip to analyze that an issue which Ramdev has raised is precise or not. But how ministers saw this issue is exploring point. Minister’s actions illustrated that government is weak and worried. Likewise government doesn’t react indistinguishable to existing inclination and at the time of Anna movement the stroke hit by the government is contradictory to the current echelon.

Reports that Baba Ramdev will collect shore up of lakhs of populace cannot be comprehend as the only foundation for the plunk of the government. There is no point that Baba would not initiate this movement on the request of the ministers. Subsequently, if he do so than the message to the commoners would be appalling. Some section of the society are also conservable with a topic that is it a collaboration of Baba and government? Both are working under a strategy? Because, some days before the launch of the movement Baba marked that he wants Prime Minister and Chief Justice ofIndia out of the lokpal bill authority. This is imperative to analyze why Baba opt this hour to articulate this declaration.

This statement has divided sections fighting against corruption and for a tuff Lokpal Bill and this is a plus for the government since misconception would developed. On black money floor government has already announced several steps. For example government has established a panel of experts to analyze quantity of the money. And numerous other steps have been broadcasted. There is a lack of political desire on bringing back black money, steps are not a problem.

While anna hazare and his associates i.e. members of joint drafting committee of Lokpal Bill has expressed that they will walk off on 6th June as thay have illustrated than for the reason that influence of Ramdev agitation would be more, this will not have any impact this appear definite. Baba Ramdev has huge network and he is backed by a good number of sections this is noticeable from the picture exemplified by the government.

Moreover, this can also be articulated from the present sight that might be Baba can reach much further than Anna Hazare that the producer of the movie to fight against corruption turn out to be undoubtedly Baba. One more dot which is noticeable is that Baba who is also supported by RSS might create problems for the Congress government. BJP is also supporting Baba but only on this issue. Subsequently, there is also a concern in leaders of the party that if Baba switches to the politics in coming elections the votes of Hindus on which BJP has a strong hold can be shifted to him.

At the outset, it was Anna Hazare now Baba Hazare are portraying the aspirations of the commoners of the country. Furthermore, that populace are depress from corruption. Government should depict rigid step to exclude corruption, the peculiar picture demonstrated by the government was astounding on one hand and alarming too on the other.

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad