Sunday, May 23, 2010

French Open need to leave Rolland Garros?

In the next few years the French Open may be forced to leave its iconic city center location of Roland Garros, in favor of an out of town setting which would allow it to expand like its grand slam counterparts already have. But is abandoning the bright lights of Paris really a good move for the French? And how will the alternative venues measure up?

Ever since the French Open began in 1928 it has been held on the red clay courts of Roland Garros, in the city’s chic sixteenth arrondissement.

As French as Wimbledon is English, Roland Garros, which is named after a French airline pilot and World War One hero, has become synonymous with tennis. And consequently, the French are far from impressed at proposals for a move from their prestigious home to the city’s less than glamorous suburbs.

But with only a small area of land to play with, half that of Wimbledon’s South West London location, the French Open has outgrown itself, hemmed in by the vast Bois de Boulogne park on one side and avenues of expensive homes on the other.

It would certainly be a great shame to leave the history of the venue and Paris behind but organizers are under considerable pressure to do so after it was reported that reigning champion and world number one Roger Federer gave a list of his complaints about Roland Garros' facilities to tournament director Gilbert Ysern.

Federer was not advocating a move out of the city but his opinions will have further convinced those who believe it is necessary. And as hopes to improve the existing venue were stalled by protests from environmentalists and local residents, who amongst other things objected to the construction of a roof over the Phillipe Chatrier court, organizers seem to be running out of options.

Earlier in the year Ysern told the media that leaving Paris would be “heartbreaking,” but something that he knew had to be considered for the future of the tournament. And it seems that future could lie in one of four locations, all situated at least 15km outside of Paris – not quite as attractive to players or traveling fans.

To the north there is the nondescript town of Gonesse, a 16.5 km train or car journey from Paris and close to Charles de Gaulle airport, which can claim very little to its name except for being the sight of a Concorde crash in the year 2000.

Then there is the equally uninspiring 1960’s town of Evry, 25km to the south of the city and close to the other international airport in Paris, Orly.

Perhaps slightly better known is Marne-la-Vallée in the west, but this is already the home of the ever-expanding Disneyland and is still around an hour from the center of Paris.

The final contender, and certainly the preferred new location as far as Ysern is concerned, is Versailles. The former French capital is the home of the spectacular palace that was once the residence of the country’s kings and queens.

So despite still being outside the city walls, it boasts a slightly more imaginative and iconic setting than any of the other options, and if the tournament had to move Versailles is the front runner.

Nevertheless, none of the suggestions are quite as alluring as the established Roland Garros complex, just a stone's throw from the city and all the sights it has to offer.

A decision on the future of Roland Garros will be taken by the French tennis authorities at the beginning of 2011, and any move is expected to take up to five years to complete. Perhaps they are hoping this will give the tennis world time to get used to the idea.

Prateek Pathak
b.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hang Kasab Quikly

When Judge announced punishment for AJMAL AMIR KASAB the country celebrated the judgment.Most important point Judge pointed is that if AJMAL AMIR KASAB did not get the death as early as possible as a punishment announced then incident like KANDAHAR HIJACKING can be repeated. It has taken 18 months for the court to announce death penalty for KASAB.On the other hand some 13 years were taken fot the judgment of 1993 MUMBAI BOMB ATTACKS. AJMAL AMIR KASAB judgment thankfully did not take long time in-spite of 312 cases,11,000 pages long chart sheet and also hundred of testimony in the court by the eye witnesses who were badly affected by this incident.

But seeing all this on one hand we all INDIANS are very happy with the judgment but on the other hand we have many faults or negative aspects in our legal system. It can take years according to our legal system to punish AJMAL AMIR KASAB.First of all High Court and then Supreme Court has to declare the judgment. Only and only if AJMAL AMIR KASAB appeal to these bigger courts. Then lastly he can apply for Mercy Petition to the PRESIDENT of our country. So overall I can undoubtedly say one thing that it will take years to finally punish AJMAL AMIR KASAB.Judge Tehelyani was pointing on this point only in the judgments.So minimum it will at least take five years legally to punish AJMAL AMIR KASAB.If god willingly we say that Lower Court evidence were very complete and right and it will not take much time for High Court and Supreme Court to announce same death penalty judgment as already announced by the Lower Court then also he has last option like every other criminal to appeal for Mercy Petition. We all Indians can’t do anything in this as our legal system is like this only.

And if we see some last cases which were lastly appealed for the Mercy Petition taken many years. As we saw it in 13,DEC,2001 Parliament attack case. Lower Court announced death penalty for Afzal Guru[the man convicted in that case] on 18,DEC,2002.Then Delhi High Court announced same death penalty judgment in 2003.And Supreme Court also announced same judgment on 4,aug,2005 but on the last movement Afzal’s wife lastly appealed for the Mercy Petition from that particular day till now so many years have e passed but this appeal is still not look into just because there are many Mercy Petition appeal cases waiting on President’s table. Like this case only Ex Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi murderers have also lastly appealed for the Mercy Petition this case is also waiting on President’s table till now. We all Indians are living with terrorist attacks.Police,army and other security agencies are day and day fighting against terrorist .Courts are also announcing judgment against terrorist daily. But because of our legal system terrorist are alive just because of Mercy Petition is pending for many years. I am not at all criticizing our country legal system but after seeing all these type of cases what else I can do?

Terrorist attacks are moreover different from other criminal cases of our country. In terrorist attacks as all we know is conspiracy against a nation not against some individual as in other criminal cases of our country. Terrorist attacks completely destroy our society. So we can never term criminal cases and terrorist attacks on one platform. We can take some lessons from the United States Of America. In 2006 America provided his army right to punish terrorist attackers and conspirators according to Military attack. So now American army court has right to punish terrorists. American President at that time announced that they are providing this right just because terrorist attacks are attack on country not on any individual’s now from 2006 according to this Act terrorist cases are run only in Military Court. From my point of view we should also provide our military court right to run terrorist cases. And after that terrorist can also challenge this only in Supreme Court so that judgment can be announced in short span of time.

The next problem we have is Mercy Petition right to the criminals. Using this appeal for terrorist, it is simply against the main point of this appeal .This Mercy Petition was taken in our legal system so that President and Governors of the state can forgive appeal-er if he/she has realized that he/she has done crime in bad circumstances and he she has also realized that he/she has done wrong.But this system of appeal should not be given to the terrorist like AJMAL AMIR KASAB who have been photographed laughing after killing innocent people on C.S.T railway station Mumbai and Kama Hospital Mumbai.Terrorist like AJMAL KASAB can use this right of Mercy Petition to escape from punishment. So the time has arrived when we should do correction in our legal system.

One more very important point which is linked to this only is the waiting of Mercy Petition cases files on President’s table. The cases in which appeal were done some 15 years ago are till now not look into by the president. In Triveni B v/s Gujarat Government case Supreme Court said that so much delay in the judgment of Mercy Petition cases is simply violating the right of the criminals and the petitioner.It is in other words, violation of life right of the criminals. Seeing all these instances only on a petition filed in 2007 petitioner demanded that time limit should be set for the seeing of the appeal for Mercy Petition by the president of our country. Now criminals are using this last appeal on negative prospect.Ex /president K.R.Narayana did not announced any judgment on Mercy Petition throughout his time as the President And also Ex president A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM announced only one case judgment on Mercy Petition that was Dhananjey Chatterjee Case. From that day till now no case on Mercy Petition had been seen.

Legal system exist in our country only so that judgment can be done as early as possible. Terrorist Cases should be judged as early as possible.