Thursday, June 7, 2012

35 lacks of two toilets for commission who do planning for the country i.e. “ Planning commission “ - simply bizarre !

“Country is witnessing bad times on front of economy”

That is not my articulation but not only PM Manmohan Singh, FM Pranab Muherjee but time to time Planning Commission Deputy Chairman, Montek Singh Alluwalia has also articulated. The recent news after an RTI was shocking for the populace of this nation. Not only in times when we are observing bad economic condition but in normal times too its bizarre that for two toilet renovation at the ‘Yojna Bhawan’ Planning Commission spent more than 35 lacks. It's merely heartbreaking for the country where much population doesn’t even have simple toilets for daily use.

And when the media questioned Alluwalia he simply answered that it is under our budget and it was necessary since it would be used not only by officials of planning commission but also ministers and media representative. How bizarre it can be even more? India is the largest democracy and people choose the ministers and they are not god that the people of this country don’t even posses basic necessity like food and ministers and officials of the planning commission will use toilet worth 35 lacks.

35 lacks is not an ordinary amount. A time when the rupee is going down in term of dollar in 35 lacks a two bedroom flat in the capital region is worth rupees 35 lacks. Commoners of this country in spite of lots of effort andlaborare unable to earn 35 lacks in their whole lives. This incident shows how a commission which tells the number of poor in the country is working for the welfare.

This is the same commission which few months ago defined that if a person spends 28 rupees a day is not a poor. This is a commission which we time to time credit for making good policies for the development of the country. This is the commission which has a problem is spending money for the policies of the poor but not giving relaxation to corporate houses. Using ‘door control system’ so that toilets can only be used by the 60 officials of the commission had the identical thinking i.e. Corporate ideology.

After this incident we can utter about Montek Singh Alluwalia that he is a man who made policies for the poor of this country sitting in an air conditioned room. Last year he was credited to use 2 lacks daily for his foreign visit. After this the depiction which we sees is certainly who makes fun of the populace.

Alluwalia can give hundreds of reasons but to use the money of the taxpayers of this country like this is simply bizarre. Therefore when Nidhi Razdan anchor of Left, Right and Center on NDTV questions that if we need ‘Planning Commision’ she is precise in that.

Jai ho India !
Jai ho Planning Commission Ki !

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad 


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