Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sonia Gandhi and Nitin Gadkari are modern dictators ? (An open letter to all the Indians…..)

We are proudly the citizens of the biggest democracy of this globe. But certainly we feel ashamed when our parliamentarians in parliament which is the temple of this democracy torn books and ruckus appears at many occasions. Yet we feel proud that we have democratic system where we have Congress and BJP the two largest parties in this nation.

The last few weeks were awful as these two parties demonstrated how within these parties there is no democracy. As we are aware of the fact Congress is run by ‘Nehru-Gandhi Pariwar’. At many occasions congressmen utter that we have democracy in our party and everything is performed through that system. But yesterday after the ‘Working Committee Meeting’ of the Congress, Pranab DA himself announced that the candidate for the President & the Vice President post would be selected by Mrs. Gandhi. What is new in that Dada? We all know that whether it is the Chief Minister (Bahuguna in Uttrakhand) or the central or state Ministers the decision is made only by Mrs. Gandhi. Therefore how Congress says that it has democracy within the party? Isn’t Sonia Gandhi a modern dictator?

“Congress and BJP both have autocratic system, one is controlled by ‘Gandhi Pariwar’ so the other by ‘Sangh Pariwar’.”

Now let's switch to the other biggest party i.e. The BJP. Time to time BJP attacks Congress that within the Congress there is no democracy. I wholly agree to this articulation as I explained to in the above paras. But BJP is also controlled by the ‘Sangh Pariwar’. The President of the BJPNatin Gadkari we all know got the post because of good relation with Mohan Bhagwat. Yesterday he was touching feet of Baba Ramdev. The top leader of BJP, Mr. Advani few days ago wrote in his blog that he is depressed from the Sangh interference. (We all know he is not happy about giving Gadkari a second term) When BJP also has a dictator by the name Gadkari who takes decision himself whether the top leaders like Modi or Advani are happy or not how can BJP attacks Congress on grounds of democracy within the party?

We Indians are certainly depressed that in this biggest democracy the two pillars i.e. The leading party and opposition party both have modern tyrant. Neither the Congress nor the BJP has guts to lead us. And strangely we don’t have the third option.

Jai ho Indian Politics ki!!!    

Prateek Pathak
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad


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